Bicester Motion logo on architectural 3D visual

Bicester Motion.

Creating a cutting-edge website and branding.


Branding / Website / UI / UX

Bicester Motion is the UK’s first immersive automotive community. BCQ has worked with them to develop their brand and build on their vision to create a unique experience celebrating the past, present and future. Their website was one step in the first stage of a plan that will eventually see the 444 acre site become a European hub for automotive and aviation business and tourism.

Bicester Motion website displayed on an iPad

Why they chose BCQ.

As a very exciting and progressive development, we’ve worked closely with their team to push and develop their brand both on and offline from the very early stages of their life cycle.

To date this has included stationery, marketing collateral, signage, web, merchandise, interior graphics, advertising and events. Creating a consistent and long-term look and feel is essential as the destination becomes increasingly popular with automotive businesses and individuals into the future.

Bicester Motion dazzle graphic displayed on 3D architectural render on computer screen

The outcome.

Through our work together, BCQ and Bicester Heritage are supporting the long-term vision for the destination, turning ideas into creative reality.

Dazzle graphic on architectural 3D visual
Bicester Motion website pages with computer screen
Printed folder and inserts for Bicester Motion