Laser cutting.

At BCQ Solutions, we excel in delivering unique laser cutting services tailored to meet your branding, packaging, or media needs.

Truly limitless possibilities.

Whether you’re seeking intricate inlays, attention-grabbing details, or simply aiming to elevate your products or branding, you’ve come to the right place. With our multimedia laser cutting capabilities, the possibilities are truly limitless. While our expertise lies in paper and card laser cutting, we also excel in laser cutting and laser engraving across a variety of other media, including wood, acrylic, and plastics. With years of experience in the product design arena, we prioritise quality above all else.


Our track record speaks for itself.

We’ve had the privilege of adding that finishing touch to the designs of some of the UK’s most renowned companies, including Harrods, Ferrari, and Selfridges. Our reputation for quality and creativity precedes us, making us the go-to-choice for any project.

In addition to our high-quality laser cutting services, we also offer laser engraving and perforation for paper and other mediums, including wood, plastic, and acrylic.

Laser cutting services.



We embrace the philosophy that anything is achievable, from straightforward technical cuts to intricate, detailed cut patterns. Utilising state-of-the-art cutting technologies, our fully automated, print referencing machine ensures seamless transitions between individual sheets, enabling instant changeover. Whether it’s crafting one-off prototypes, executing short run jobs sequentially where die cutting is prohibitively expensive, or tackling large-scale projects numbering in the hundreds of thousands, our in-house manufacturing facility is equipped to handle it all.



Laser engraving represents an unparalleled feature in our arsenal, where laser power can be meticulously adjusted to selectively mill only a portion of the material. This precision is unmatched by any other method and yields visually stunning results on paper, card, wood, and acrylic. The versatility of laser engraving allows for a multitude of applications, from creating laser engraved creases for packaging to decorative carvings on coloured papers. It extends to incorporating security features on tickets or etching customer names and addresses onto labels and packaging, ensuring a personalised touch.



Perforating stands as a cornerstone of our automated machinery, offering effortless setup for a variety of specifications: from determining the length of the cut and gap to the spacing between both, even down to simple holding points or micro perforations in specialised forms. Our high-speed capabilities ensure efficient production of laser-cut coupons, clip-off vouchers, response cards with perforated shapes, and more. Whatever your requirements, our machinery delivers results swiftly and accurately.



Laser cut with laser engraved names—or any other personalised data—directly onto printed materials or packaging. Our laser cutting service transforms every print into a unique gift, offering personalised stencils, direct mail pieces, magazine covers, stationery, and beyond. Elevating each individual print, ensuring a personalised touch from a CSV-file to the final product.

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