We believe in minimising the effects of our business on the environment.

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This is a belief we have held for over 20 years. We have been accredited to environmental standard ISO14001 since 1997 and were one of the first to achieve it.

All our waste is sorted and recycled appropriately. The materials we use are sourced responsibly and, wherever possible, we consciously advise clients against the use of plastics in their products.

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Environmental awards.

We aim to be environmentally neutral, reduce our impact on the environment to an absolute minimum and contribute positively to its preservation and recovery. As winners or finalists for 11 environmental awards in recent years, we remain committed to doing all we can.


Environmental standards and FSC®.

We are certified to environmental standard ISO14001 and the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®-C012321). This means we not only ensure your requirements are produced to the strictest environmental standards, but can also be produced on materials which are certified to have come from well managed and sustainable forests and other controlled sources.

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Material advice.

We can advise you on the materials you use, whatever it is you want to produce. We can recommend recycled products or responsibly sourced Forest Stewardship Council materials.

We can look at all of the collateral you produce and devise initiatives and suggests alternatives to reduce the range and volume of items you print.

Our capabilities mean we can produce your items on-demand and just-in-time, minimising stock holding, obsolescence, material waste and your stock needs.

Reduction of plastics.

Waste plastic is one of the biggest environmental issues faced today.


We are actively looking at our energy providers and, where possible, switching to energy derived from renewable sources.

Carbon balanced.

We are a carbon balanced business, constantly driving carbon reductions and offsetting remaining emissions via our initiative with the World Land Trust. Find out more here.

We are actively looking at ways to reduce the amount of plastic we use throughout our business and within the products we produce.

We have categorised and identified materials that are poor for recycling and potentially harmful to the environment.

We also work with our clients, large and small, to understand the plastics they use in their marketing and advise on ways to produce their items differently to minimise their environmental effect and maximise their recyclability.

This means we will propose sustainably sourced wood, board, aluminium or recycled materials, from certified sources, whenever suitable and relevant to the application, to our clients as alternative materials for their products.

Talk to us about auditing the items you produce and what you could do to reduce your use of plastics.

We continually monitor and review our energy usage.

Our team are dedicated to the introduction of energy reduction initiatives and we are actively looking to introduce green energy sources into our business, wherever possible.

We are carbon balanced.

This will mean, when you deal with us, you’ll know that the energy and raw materials being used to produce your items are being offset, so that any carbon created is in balance with the positive contribution we are making.

Love Paper.

We work closely with Two Sides, an initiative whose aim is to bust the myths and set out the facts about print media’s attractiveness and sustainability. Through this partnership, and our belief in the power of the printed word, we promote this in our own marketing and in our advice to you. We include their Love Paper logo in our printed documents and, if like us you believe in print, we can include it in your documents too.

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Environmental initiatives.

Sometimes, it’s the small things which can make the biggest difference. Over the years we have implemented many environmental initiatives. These include an environmental awareness campaign to schools. Cleaning teams picking litter from the areas surrounding our offices. The use of cardboard business card boxes. And the erection of bird and bat boxes around our facilities are just some of the inititives implemented.

Our purpose.

Our mission and purpose is, to make a difference.

The environment and minimising our effect on it is one of those areas where we aim to do just that, and by working with us you can play a part in doing this for you and your business too.