Making creative direct mail campaigns that stand out.

Direct Mail - or Direct Marketing - has been around for donkey's years.

They're an excellent way of communicating with your audience – or potential customers.

But postcards and stationery get boring, quickly, and more often than not, advertising mail is considered junk.
So, how do you stop your DMs from ending up in the bin?

Simple: you need to send a DM with a difference.

Standing out - for the right reasons

But it isn’t always as easy as just, “doing something different,” and yet a blanket approach is also unlikely to be successful.

You want something unique. Something that’ll stand out, that’ll make someone pause and inspect it, and rouse their curiosity enough to open it up.

Letters and postcards are far too easily swept into the bin alongside other pieces of junk mail.

Ensure your DM doesn’t suffer the same fate!

Personalisation goes a long way

These days, people expect an experience that’s tailored specifically to them, their needs, wants, and desires. It’s exactly the same with a DM piece.

Just seeing your name on a parcel makes you more likely to open it, so where possible, ensure you use this on anything you send your customers.

And it’s about more than just personalisation – turn the DM into something unexpected in order to “surprise and delight” them.

One of our most well-received DM examples is the white cube we created for Verizon.

Verizon Orchestration direct mail

We produced a film for Verizon which showed of their Network Orchestration Services, and then placed the video directly into a custom-built white cube – a prominent feature of their campaign.

It lit up and the video would play when the cube was pulled out from its packaging.

It certainly wasn’t a DM piece that was thrown away!

You can check out our Verizon case study here to learn more about it.

The trick of a good DM piece, one with a difference, boils down to who we’re speaking to, what they want, what they need, and how we can show that our clients best fit those needs.

When all that is wrapped up in a quirky, fun, well-designed and well-written piece, it’ll get tongues wagging!

Here are a couple of our favourite DM concepts to whet your appetite:

Pop-up direct mail piece


Pop up DM

Dipstick direct mail piece

Dipstick Direct Mail

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