Honda Finance.

Automated workflows to ensure next day finance mailings.

Honda Finance Letters

Print production / Mailing / Postal management

Honda Finance need to send new finance deal mailings within a day of agreement on any new car purchases. With strict service level agreements (SLA) in place intelligent, automated mailing workflows were the only answer to make this possible.

Why they chose BCQ.

BCQ wrote software to securely download data from several locations on a nightly basis to merge and manipulate automatically into one of 150 document templates for printing the following day.

Each day, other than Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, the documents created are processed and printed. Digital TIFF copies of each of the letters posted are securely uploaded back to Honda’s systems for verification of the letter’s posting and as a copy for their records.

The 99.9999% compliance SLA means triggers are in place at every stage to ensure complete accuracy and postage costs are minimised automatically through the consolidation of items going to the same address.

Honda Finance Letters and Envelopes

The outcome.

Honda now have a seamless mailing solution for their new finance deals with a guaranteed postal timeline and postal costs kept to a minimum.