John Nicholls Building and Plumbing Merchants.

Creating and printing their first printed catalogue.

Cover of the Nicholls catalogue

Data software / Design / Print

John Nicholls Building and Plumbing Merchants wanted their own product catalogue. Previously they’d used a buying group template restricting the products they could sell. But with thousands of products to include in the catalogue they didn’t know where to begin putting this together.

Inside spread of the Nicholls printed catalogue

Why they chose BCQ.

With so many products, so many pieces of data and so many images to include, it was vital all information was supplied consistently and in an easily manageable format by the client. We worked with the Nicholls team to put together a structure which contained all the information they needed to include but, in a format and schema we could both work with.

Using pre-agreed page designs and layouts, and data driven design, our team used software to pull in relevant images from a cloud-based storage system and insert content to help create the pages.

Whilst the process of putting the data together was long, ultimately it not only meant the catalogue was produced 4-5 times quicker than if content was ‘copied and pasted’, it also meant the opportunity for error was greatly reduced and more time was available to creatively design the pages.

Printed spread in the Nicholls catalogue
Tables in the Nicholls printed catalogue
Image section divider in the Nicholls printed catalogue

The outcome.

The finished product was 252 pages long and gave Nicholls their first printed catalogue. The work undertaken to structure the data the first time has meant they have been able to continually update it ever since. This means, next time, they will be able to include even more products, with the work to produce it considerably reduced.