How to create urgency in marketing so that your customers buy.

You’ve just launched your best service ever. It’ll save your customers time, effort and money. It’s fantastic!

But you only hear radio silence…

Customers aren’t biting. They’re waiting. Watching the market. Seeing reviews trickle in before deciding.

If only your customers would buy in to your new service immediately, it’d save an awful lot of frustration, wouldn’t it?

Often, it takes a while for customers to buy in to new products. Delays hold things up. Or it isn’t prioritised. They just don’t have your enthusiasm for it.

And there’s usually not a lot you can do about it, which can make things seem even more frustrating. Especially when you see your competitors rolling out similar products and your customers flock to them!

When your customers hesitate, you risk losing sales, leads, or competitors beating you to the punch. 

So, how can you speed up their decision-making process and get them to buy your new products and services more quickly?

As is usually key when it comes to your customers, you need to empathise. Show them you understand what’s at stake for them – and explain what they stand to lose by sitting on the fence.

Let them know you realise it can be scary for them to sign off on something new (especially when there are financial concerns), but by making them aware that if they hesitate, it could actually lead to more problems. Fear of missing out is a tried and tested technique that works.

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