Rebuild your customer engagement strategy when it falls on deaf ears

You know how it goes. You’ve got a great product or service. In fact, it’s an ideal offering for your audience – but no-one seems to care. 

Sales have dried up. Customer engagement has dropped off. And no-one is listening.

So, how do you solve it?

You might think that reiterating the benefits of your offering would be the best way to rebuild sales. But doesn’t it get annoying after a while when it’s all, “me, me, me?”

It isn’t attractive in people, and it certainly isn’t attractive to your customers.

Stating what you can do doesn’t necessarily tell the customer whether you can help them overcome their problem.

Which, after all, is why they’re talking to you in the first place – to see if you can help them.

Instead of saying, “Our latest Intel Core Processor i7-8700K has six cores with 12 threads, a 4.7GHz turbo mode,” say, “You have everything you need – plus, you can work twice as fast, with no lag.”

Developing a successful customer engagement strategy means, listening to your customers. Understanding them. Learning who they are.

  •  What do they want to know about?
  • What are they searching for?
  • Where do they need help?

 When you talk to your customers, talk about their problems – not just the products you offer.

  •  Put them front and centre of your communications.
  • Make them the hero of their own stories.
  • And show them how they can overcome their problems with your help.

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