Producing a video that launched a campaign.

Verizon cube lit up on black background

Video / DM

They needed to raise awareness of their Orchestration Network service and introduce it to consumers in a way that was understandable. They decided a video would be the best approach, but they weren’t sure exactly what the best approach to the video would be.

Clapperboard on screen during filming of video
Production during the video shoot
Actor giving a thumbs up

Why they chose BCQ.

Verizon knew they wanted something different, and so they chose BCQ who could bring a new flavour to the table. In response, we came up with a number of concepts and the scope of the project grew with our ideas and imagination.

We ran the entire production, and organised everything from directors, producers, cast, crew, sets, props, designs, filming, and post-production.

The final film blew everyone away!

The outcome.

One of the core components throughout the script and concept was a white Verizon cube – a metaphor for their Orchestration service – and something which appeared in each of the rooms in one form or another.

It had the potential to become something standout and truly unique and went on to launch a whole new, and highly successful, direct mail campaign.

“The BCQ team met every challenge with enthusiasm and creativity that helped drive a combined online and direct mail brand awareness marketing campaign. The new, innovative campaign helped us break into new opportunities that were not open before.”

Verizon cube direct mail piece and outer box